Volume 1 / Issue 3 - October, 2015
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Hi Middlefield Chamber of Commerce!
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Save Local Now is a community focused buy local initiative provided by Middlefield Chamber of Commerce. For more information about this benefit CLICK HERE. Have a question about Save Local Now? Contact Us

Annual State of the Village of Middlefield Address
Lynnette Bramley, Executive Director, Middlefield Chamber of Commerce

The Annual State of the Village of Middlefield Address, delivered by Mayor Ben Garlich, is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13th at Noon at Mary Yoder’s Amish Kitchen, 14743 North State Ave, Middlefield, 44062. The cost for lunch at this event is $15.00 a person. An RSVP is needed for anyone who will be attending either the address only, or the address along with the lunch.  RSVP by October 6th, by calling the Middlefield Chamber of Commerce at 440-632-5705 or by email to mccinfo@middlefieldcc.com. Doors will open at 11:45 for registration. Please use the banquet room door access from the porch at the front of Mary Yoder’s Restaurant. You may pay online at www.middlefieldcc.com at the bottom of the homepage, click on "Pay Your Meeting Fee"; you may also pay at the door with cash or check written to "Middlefield Chamber of Commerce". 

Election of Officers at the Annual Meeting
Lynnette Bramley, Executive Director, Middlefield Chamber of Commerce

The Annual Meeting and Election of Officers was held on Tuesday, September 15 at 5:30 starting with Social time, followed by the Buffet Dinner catered by Chow Down in the Huntsburg Community Center. Our Business Meeting and Election of Officers was held after dinner. Our President is Nick Hall, Vice President is Candace Carlton, Treasurer is Donna Longrich. Newly elected Director for two year term of 2016 and 2017 is Matt Smith, Bob Baker is re-elected for 2016 & 2017 term. Remaining In Office as Directors are Paula Shenal, Geri Watson and Kim Breyley. The meeting Program was information on “Save Local Now” our free marketing program that is available only to members of the Chamber of Commerce. Save Local Now Representative Keri Sendarek gave instructions and information on the hundreds of ways this free program can by used by our members to connect better with potential customers.


As a member of the Middlefield Chamber of Commerce YOU have BENIFITS available to you.  Check for the NOACC Benefits Matrix at www.noacc.org/benefits/ to find out details on: Health Insurance, Dental, Vision Short/Long term Disability & Life Insurance, Workers' Compensation Group Rating Program, Managed Care Organization (MCO), Office Supplies and Services, Credit Card Processing, Payroll Processing, Accounts Receivables & Collection Management, Transportation Savings, Shipping & Freight Services, Websites & Email Marketing, Wellness Programs, Extra Value Programs, Save Local Now - available for use only to members of the NOACC Chambers.