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FY20 Membership Guidelines (7/1/19-6/30/20)
Sponsored by BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene & Middlefield Chamber of Commerce

FY20 Committee Members

Bill Holbert, Chairman
John Washco, Chair Elect
Susan Richards, Executive Manager
Sandy Christenson, Treasurer & Community Liaison
Jennifer Lingafelter, BWC Liaison
Steering Committee Advisory Board:

  • Mark Adams
  • Bonnie Cunningham
  • Colleen Lockhart
  • Pete Stolz

Our Charter Members

Charter Membership is a lifetime membership, offered only the first year the Council was established, and was awarded to businesses who support Geauga Safety Council goals.

Dillen Products
Duramax Marine, LLC
Edmonds Elevator Co.
Excel Polymers, LLC
Intellipak, Ltd.
Johnson Rubber Co.
MASCO Retail Cabinet Group
NOF Metal Coatings North America
Polychem Dispersions, Inc.
Rhein Chemie Corporation
Waste Management
Wheeler Landscaping, Inc.


Established in July of 2006, the Geauga Safety Council is one of 80 plus Safety Councils throughout the state of Ohio co-sponsored by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the Middlefield Chamber of Commerce. The goal is to provide a forum for safety and health information, education and networking in local communities, and to provide quality meetings for our membership.

Enrollment Eligibility

Employers may join the Geauga Safety Council at any time. Membership is open to manufacturing and industrial companies, school systems, townships, and municipalities as well as non-profit and self-insured companies. There are no dues and no enrollment fees associated with becoming a Geauga Safety Council member. The BWC encourages everyone to become active members.

For more information, E-mail safety@middlefieldcc.com. Eligible employers include state fund companies, self-insured, public employers and state agencies in Ohio who pay premiums to BWC and have no lapse in coverage.

Members and New Enrollees

Employers must make a commitment to send a representative to the majority of monthly meetings and to submit semi-annual reports by the deadline dates.

Incentive Program

Base or individual experience rated employers actively participating in the safety council program July 1st through June 30th, can earn a 2-percent premium rebate for meeting all of the eligibility requirements, and a 2-percent performance bonus for reducing either frequency or severity by 10 percent, or by maintaining both frequency and severity at zero. Group rated employers who meet program eligibility requirements are eligible to earn the 2% performance bonus rebate. Group retrospective rated employers can earn a 2% participation rebate.

Rebate offer excludes self-insuring employers, and state agencies.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Enroll with the Geauga Safety Council by July 31st.
  2. Send representatives to 10 meetings or events between July 1st and June 30th, at least 8 meetings through the Geauga Safety Council. Employers have the option to gain credit for up to two meetings through attendance at external trainings approved by BWC for an attendance credit.
    • No matter the duration of the training or special event, attendance applies toward only one meeting credit.
    • A person can represent only one policy number with their attendance at a meeting.
    • Safety training conducted at the employers’ workplace, online or required Drug-Free Workplace training does not qualify for the safety council rebate program eligibility.
    • It is the employer’s responsibility to submit documentation to the Geauga Safety Council by June 30th, for attendance at non-safety council training or events. Documentation must be an official certificate of attendance or transcript.
  3. CEO (highest ranking authority) must attend any one Geauga Safety Council sponsored function or meeting.
    • CEO attendance counts as credit toward one of the ten required meetings. A meeting for CEO’s is held by GSC.
    • If a CEO is representing multiple policy numbers, his/her attendance fulfils the CEO attendance requirement for all policies, but counts as meeting credit for only one policy number.
  4. Submit semi-annual reports for the calendar year, by July 15 and January 15 every year, and are used to determine award recipients.

Check Distribution

Members meeting all eligibility requirements will receive a workers’ compensation premium rebate check. All eligibility requirements must be met through the safety council in which the employer is enrolled. Members cannot attend the meeting at another safety council and receive credit towards the rebate.

Semi-Annual Reports

All members are required to submit two semi-annual reports to the Geauga Safety Council. One is for the six month period of January 1st through June 30th. The second is for the six month period of July 1st through December 31st. The first report is due July 15th; second report is due January 15th. Figures should be taken from OSHA 300 report and payroll reports. Holiday and vacation hours should not be reported. Accuracy of submitted information is vital.

Accident statistics are used for the purpose of determining eligibility for safety awards and are not reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or any other enforcement agency.


Membership requires a commitment to attend a majority of monthly meetings. Regular monthly meetings are ordinarily held the first Friday of each month at an announced location. Registration begins at 11:15 a.m. Luncheon/meeting starts at 11:30 a.m. Cost is $20.00 each for members and $25.00 each for non-members. Check our website for topics, speakers, and dates.

Special Events

Safety councils may host special events (seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings) that are included in the 10 meeting or event requirement. An employer may attend a special event sponsored by a neighboring safety council for one of the two maximum external training credits. Cost to attend varies depending on the event.

Group Required 2 Hour Safety Training

Effective 7/1/09 the BWC began to require that all Group Rated employers that have incurred a workers’ compensation claim in the past two years attend 2 hours of safety training. Training is available through the BWC, the group sponsor, third-party administrator or an independent source can sponsor a course, provided it meets the two hour criteria.

External Training

External training may include Ohio Safety Congress, DHS classroom courses, industry-specific safety training of at least 1 hour, and a seminar, conference, or special event hosted by another safety council.

Annual Awards Program

In order to recognize companies for their excellence in safety, the Geauga Safety Council hosts a CEO & Awards Program in May for the presentation of annual awards. Certificates are awarded for the previous calendar year’s activities, based on the Semi-Annual reports submitted by the employer.

Employer Awards

Employers are placed in groups according to their type of business. Groups include:

  • Large Manufacturing Company (200+ Employees)
  • Medium Manufacturing Company (100-200 Employees)
  • Small Manufacturing Company (under 100 Employees)
  • Health
  • Schools
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Service
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Agricultural/Horticulture

BWC presents awards in keeping with their yearly criteria. Awards are presented to qualifying businesses in the following categories:

  • Group Award – Lowest incident rate in each group.
  • 100% Award – Zero injuries or illnesses resulting in a day or more away from work in the previous calendar year.
  • Achievement Award – Twenty-Five percent (25%) reduction in incident rate from the previous year.
  • Special Award – At least 500,000 hours and at least six months without an injury resulting in a day or more away from work.

Opportunities Available to Geauga Safety Council Members

Networking – Networking can help you improve your business performance, products and staff skills and the opportunities for you to develop your own knowledge and skills and gather new leads. Networking can also be a key source to information and support.

Sponsorship – Spotlight your company by sponsoring one of the Geauga Safety Council’s meetings or events. Sponsorship is limited to one company at each meeting, but is not limited to Geauga Safety Council members.

As a sponsor, your company:

  • Will be recognized and introduced to the membership
  • May address the Safety Council membership for five minutes
  • May distribute literature and promotional items at each place setting
  • Will be provided a table to setup an exhibit
  • May place a 4” x 5” ad in the previous month’s Newsletter, if published, or have it included in the Meeting Announcements
  • May collect business cards for a door prize (provided by the sponsor)

Any business interested in being spotlighted at a Safety Council meeting can obtain information via e-mail at safety@middlefieldcc.com. The sponsorship form can be printed from our website.

Newsletter Ad – Businesses have the opportunity to place an ad in the Geauga Safety Council’s monthly newsletter, when published.

Awards Program – Ads may be placed in the printed program for the CEO Meeting & Awards Ceremony at a cost. There is no limit on the number of businesses placing ads, and the ads are not limited to Geauga Safety Council members. However, sponsorship is limited to two companies at the meeting. An ad provided by meeting sponsors will be placed in the awards program at no additional cost (it is included in the sponsorship fee).

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